Contentious Probate Specialists

Tiffany Legal Solutions are a specialist legal solutions company concentrating on Wills, Estate Planning and Contentious Probate Matters.

It is important that everyone makes a valid will during their lifetime as none of us know when our demise will happen. By not leaving a valid will you expose you loved ones to additional heartache and expensive at an emotional turmoil time.

A simple will costing as little as £59 could resolve all of this heartache, for more information on making a will see this link.

If no will has been made or a change needs to be made to an existing will this may still be possible in some circumstances. Changing a will after death is possible if all the effected beneficiaries are in agreement. Where no will has been left all effected beneficiaries under the laws in intestacy would need to be in agreement in order for the change to be made.  The change can be made by using a deed of variation or deed of family arrangement. For more information on these deed click the relevant preceding link.

When all effected beneficiaries cannot or will not agree to a change to a will or last will and testament, then the only way left to get the will changed is via contesting the will

Contesting or challenging a will is not something that should be undertaken lightly as it can both both financially and emotionally costly. Not everyone has an automatic right to contest a will. We have found a good video that we have inserted below that explains contesting a will in the UK



One thing that is not that clear in this video is how the inheritance act of 1975 may effect your right to make a claim. We have found another useful video that explains the inheritance act of 1975 and this can be found below